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In the automotive industry, water filtration is important for several purposes, including the treatment of water used in manufacturing processes and the use of water filtration systems for the vehicles themselves.

Automotive factories use large amounts of water for various purposes, such as production, machinery cooling and cleaning. It is essential that water be filtered to remove solid impurities, harmful chemicals, and bacteria to ensure the quality of production processes and protect production facilities.


This is where SATI filters come in for the filtration stage and the subsequent recovery of filtered water through the use of special filtration systems. Filtered water can be used again in various production processes in automotive factories, such as in parts washing, painting, and other operations that require clean water, all of which provide numerous benefits in terms of sustainability, efficiency, and cost reduction.


SATI filtration systems can be integrated into the production processes of automotive factories to remove solid impurities, oils, greases and other contaminants from water used in manufacturing processes. This allows treated water to be reused, thereby reducing the overall consumption of fresh water and the costs associated with water resource management.

SATI filters then, can be used to filter water within the cooling systems of machinery and vehicles, helping to prevent the accumulation of sediment and contaminants in the circuits and maintaining the efficiency of cooling systems, without compromising the performance or life of components.

The use of SATI filtration systems in the automotive industry to recover filtered water offers numerous benefits, including reducing operating costs, saving water resources and reducing the environmental impact of production activities. By integrating advanced filtration solutions with sustainable water management practices, automotive companies can achieve significant benefits in both economic and environmental terms.

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Case History

A major water treatment company is looking for a solution to optimize a desalination plant located along the Italian coast. In this plant, the water to be desalinated is extracted directly from the sea and then undergoes a preliminary filtration step before being introduced inside a reverse osmosis system, the water is then collected in a recovery tank.

Degree of filtration
120 m3/h
Treated water
sati per l'ambiente

The seawater to be filtered is pumped inside the Rotor filtration unit having 50μm filtration grade. Next, the water undergoes a further filtration process through the Big Matic filter with a lower filtration degree of 25μm. The third filtration stage consists of an FDD filter, which is a bag filter with a filtration degree equivalent to 1μm.

The finely filtered water can then be treated within a reverse osmosis system and finally will be collected in a recovery tank and be reused for other processes. The implementation of SATI filters has brought significant benefits to the company, as it has resulted in significant savings not only in financial terms, but also in energy efficiency and time optimization.

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