Municipal Sector



SATI has been a point of reference for many municipal utilities for several years for the filtration and design phase of filtration systems to protect drinking water or purification departments. In drinking water, we have been chosen to filter lines from wells, lakes, or reservoirs with sand sedimentation, and in purification, we have been pre-positioned on Water Reuse circuits to supply technical water needed by purification lines.

Our presence in this crucial area reflects our commitment to ensuring the provision of safe, high-quality water for communities around the world.

Our filters are designed to address a wide range of water treatment challenges while ensuring the most stringent environmental, health, and water-health compliance. Through our experience and expertise in the field, we collaborate with major facilities to ensure efficient and personalized service according to every technical and maintenance need.

Our filters play an essential role in removing impurities, sediments and other pollutants in the water, ensuring an effective filtration or pre-filtration stage. These filters can be installed in-line with the water distribution system, ensuring continuous and consistent purification. This action proves to be essential as it protects the later stages of the water purification process and ensures clean and safe water for human consumption, proper working stage to all control equipment, and bacteria abatement with less impact in terms of consumption and maintenance costs.

Through an ongoing direct relationship with our customers, we constantly strive to improve our technologies and production processes to ensure optimal performance and durability of our filters. We use high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing methods to ensure maximum reliability and durability of our products while reducing environmental impact and operating costs.

SATI is a trusted partner for communities and municipal authorities seeking state-of-the-art filtration solutions to ensure the safety and quality of water supply. We are proud to contribute to people’s health and well-being through innovative and high-quality filtration solutions.

All filters can be customized according to customer needs.
We also design customized filtration systems.