Industrial Sector


Industrial Sector

The wide range of products and technical solutions, developed and patented by SATI, allow us to solve filtration problems in every area of ​​the national and international industrial sector.

Our company is committed to providing tailor-made filtration systems to meet the specific needs of each industrial sector, in order to optimize the conservation of water, energy and industrial resources, finding the right mix between production quality and cost reduction, all without losing sight of attention to environmental sustainability.

The selection of the most appropriate industrial filter varies depending on the characteristics of the fluid to be treated, the operating conditions of the system, the size and nature of the particles to be removed.

SATI’s forty years of experience in the field of filtration allows us to be able to assist the customer in identifying the right filtration system: there are different types of industrial filters, including cartridge filters, bag filters, mesh filters, which can be self-cleaning, semi-automatic or manual, each with its own specific characteristics.

The filters in our range can be equipped with advanced monitoring, control and communication systems; to ensure optimal operation and preventative maintenance, helping to reduce machine downtime and ensuring maximum operational efficiency of production lines. Filtration in the industrial world is also aimed at improving the quality of the water used in industrial processes in order to contribute to the conservation and quality of systems and equipment.

Preserving the systems through filtration allows us to reduce the accumulation of deposits and the risk of malfunction, with a consequent saving of water, chemical and energy resources. Our industry experience allows us to provide expert advice and technical support to ensure effective and efficient implementation of our filtration systems. SATI is committed to promoting sustainability and water efficiency in all industrial sectors, respecting current environmental regulations and thus helping to preserve natural resources for future generations.

We will continue to innovate and adapt to changing market needs, always ensuring cutting-edge filtration solutions and impeccable customer service.

All filters can be customized according to customer needs.
We also design customized filtration systems.