Marine Sector



In 2018, following a major study carried out with our main partners, we presented a new product line suitable for the marine and Oil&Gas sectors at the OMC exhibition in Ravenna. In order to enter a high-tech field, SATI is distinguished by the use of advanced materials such as Duplex and Super Duplex. The water found in the marine sector has high salinity and, consequently, very high aggressiveness, so we expanded the raw materials for the construction of our filters by including two new steels, such as Duplex and Super Duplex. These steels provide exceptional resistance to corrosion, high pressures and high temperatures, maintaining the performance of our filtration systems, even in the most demanding marine conditions. 316 stainless steel, which has always been in our range, along with Duplex and Super Duplex steels, are particularly suitable where environmental conditions can be extreme and require exceptional component durability.

Our well-established presence in this crucial sector is a testament to our ongoing commitment to offering reliable, superior products that can withstand the most extreme environmental challenges.

Our products are widely used in plants, in ship ballast water filtration, and, for geothermal purposes, in manufacturing and accommodation facilities. Through our self-cleaning systems, we can guarantee a reduction in maintenance costs due to the variability of the marine environment, based on seasonality and climatic temperatures.

This application has enabled us to continuously refine our production processes and develop innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers. Attention to detail and strict adherence to quality standards enable us to offer first-class marine filters that exceed the highest expectations in terms of performance and durability.

In conclusion, SATI as of 2018 continues to be increasingly selected in the marine industry due to its dedication to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. We are proud to contribute to the safety and efficiency of naval operations by providing reliable and durable filters that withstand the challenges of the marine environment.

All filters can be customized according to customer needs.
We also design customized filtration systems.