Chemical Sector

In chemical industry processes, water filtration is crucial to ensuring the quality of chemicals and protecting equipment and the environment. SATI filtration systems offer various solutions to meet the specific needs of this sector.

These include self-cleaning filters, manual filters and semi-automatic filters, each with specific benefits and applications:

  1. Self-Cleaning Filters: These filters are designed to remove particles of varying sizes from water without the need for frequent human intervention. They work through different systems for removing dirt from the filter cartridge, using backwash, scraping or pressurized water jets. These filters are particularly useful in chemical environments where the presence of solid particles can cause damage to equipment or compromise the quality of the final product. Regular self-cleaning of the filters ensures continuous operation and greater efficiency in the production process in the chemical industry.
  2. Manual filters: Manual filters require direct action from operators, they can be emptied, cleaned and restarted manually when necessary. Although they require more human intervention than self-cleaning filters, they are still widely used in situations where the amount of impurities is high or in applications where the process is less continuous. They can be an economical choice for some less intensive filtration operations.
  3. Semi-automatic filters: These filters offer a compromise between the convenience of self-cleaning filters and the direct control of manual filters. They can be equipped with automatic periodic cleaning systems or signals that warn operators when maintenance is necessary. These filters offer a balance between automation and human control, suitable for situations where you need a moderate level of human intervention but still want to minimize process downtime.

To ensure maximum effectiveness, robustness and operational safety, SATI uses materials specifically designed to be compatible with the various chemical components, specifically supplying filters for this sector equipped with Viton, PTFE or silicone seals.

In general, SATI filtration systems in the chemical sector are designed to guarantee maximum reliability, efficiency and safety, helping companies to maintain the quality standards required by regulations and optimize their production processes.

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