Petrochemical sector

The main objective of water treatment in the petrochemical sector is to ensure that the water used in industrial processes is safe, clean and complies with the required quality standards. This not only contributes to the efficiency and safety of industrial operations, but also to the reduction of environmental impact through the responsible management of water resources and the control of polluting emissions.

The use of SATI filters in the petrochemical sector represents a significant step towards improving the management of water resources and protecting the environment. These systems not only improve the quality of the water used in industrial processes, but also ensure compliance with stringent environmental regulations.

The advanced filtration technologies offered by SATI systems enable effective removal of contaminants such as oils, greases, sediments and heavy metals from process water. This not only improves water quality, but also reduces the risk of damage to equipment and systems, ensuring a longer life for the systems.

Furthermore, the use of these advanced technologies allows for optimization of operational efficiency, reducing machine downtime due to water quality problems. This results in increased productivity and reduced overall operating costs.

Another significant benefit is the reduction of costs associated with process water treatment and wastewater disposal. By filtering and treating water on site, SATI systems help reduce dependence on external water resources and minimize the environmental impact of wastewater disposal.

The installation of SATI filtration systems in the petrochemical sector represents a strategic investment that brings benefits from both an environmental and economic point of view, helping to promote sustainable management of water resources and ensuring more efficient and safe industrial operations.

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Case History

Water filtration in the petrochemical sector plays a fundamental role in ensuring the operational efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance of industrial activities. This industry uses large quantities of water in various stages of the petrochemical manufacturing and refining processes, such as cooling, cleaning, dissolving and separation.

The presence of these impurities can not only compromise the efficiency of industrial processes, but also pose a threat to the safety of equipment and the surrounding environment. To address these challenges, advanced filtration systems are used in the petrochemical industry.

Degree of filtration
200 µm
1.000 m3/h
Treated water
Oil&Gas Sea Water
sati per l'ambiente

A company dedicated to the processing of petroleum products needed to collect sea water and filter it to power heat exchangers. The Caspian Sea, from which the water is taken, is characterized by shallow water with the presence of many sediments.

The SATI Jumbo Rotor filters were installed in the battery directly after the seacocking work. The filters were made of AISI 316 stainless steel with a sacrificial anode to protect the internal components of the filter from marine corrosion.

The entire system filters the flow rate of 1000 m3/h, required 24h/24h. This configuration allows large volumes of water to be effectively treated, ensuring it is suitable for the required industry. The choice of resistant materials and anti-corrosion protection highlight the attention to durability and reliability of the SATI system in demanding environments.

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