Swimming pools and sports facilities

The use of SATI filters in swimming pools and sports facilities ensures effective management of water quality, guaranteeing safe and healthy environments for users. These filters are designed to remove impurities, sediments and microbes present in swimming pool water, keeping the water clear and free of contaminants.

Through an accurate and reliable filtration process, SATI filters allow you to maintain an optimal chemical and microbiological balance in swimming pool water, preventing the formation of algae, bacteria and other pathogens. This ensures a safe and comfortable bathing environment for users, whilst reducing the risk of disease and skin irritation.

Furthermore, the use of SATI filters allows the use of disinfectant chemicals such as chlorine to be reduced to a minimum, helping to improve user comfort and reduce the environmental impact of pool maintenance operations. This is particularly important in sports and leisure centers frequented by large numbers of people, where water quality is crucial to the safety and well-being of users.

Thanks to their reliability and ease of maintenance, SATI filters are an ideal choice for public swimming pools, sports facilities, spas and other recreational facilities. They offer reliable long-term performance, while reducing the operational and maintenance costs associated with running swimming pools and sports facilities.

Overall, the use of SATI filters represents an effective and convenient solution to guarantee the quality of water in swimming pools and sports facilities, offering a safe, healthy and comfortable environment for users, and helping to preserve the environmental sustainability of management of swimming pools and sports facilities.

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All filters can be customized according to customer needs. Customized filtration systems are also designed.

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