Waste water

Wastewater represents one of the most significant challenges for the sustainable management of water resources and environmental protection. Effective wastewater treatment is essential to reduce pollution and preserve the quality of water resources.

In this context, SATI filters play a fundamental role in the purifier sector, offering innovative solutions for the advanced filtration of waste water.

Wastewater treatment is essential to remove contaminants and make it safe for reuse or discharge into the environment. Purifiers play a crucial role in this process, using a combination of filtration, disinfection and chemical treatment technologies to effectively remove contaminants from wastewater.
SATI filtration systems represent a key component of the filtration systems used in purifiers for wastewater treatment. Thanks to their advanced technology and robust construction, SATI filters offer reliable and long-lasting performance even in the most demanding purifier conditions.

SATI filters are designed to remove a wide range of contaminants from wastewater, including suspended solids, sediment, organic materials and other pollutants. These filters use a combination of high-efficiency filter materials and innovative technologies to capture and retain contaminants in the water, ensuring effective wastewater filtration.

Through a targeted filtration process, SATI filters allow you to obtain water of adequate quality for a wide range of non-potable uses, such as irrigation, industrial cooling and other industrial processes. Reusing treated wastewater reduces dependence on fresh water resources, thereby helping to conserve water resources and reduce overall environmental impact.

Furthermore, the adoption of SATI filters for wastewater reuse brings significant economic benefits for companies and communities. Reducing the need for fresh water reduces costs associated with purchasing and treating water, as well as decreasing expenses for disposing of treated wastewater. This translates into significant savings on operational and management costs, while improving the economic sustainability of operations.

The use of SATI filters in the wastewater and purifier sector not only allows for efficient reuse of water resources, but also leads to better alignment with environmental regulations and sustainability requirements. These filters therefore represent an advantageous solution from both an economic and environmental point of view for companies, communities and public authorities involved in the management of water resources.

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All filters can be customized according to customer needs. Customized filtration systems are also designed.

Case History

In the wastewater sector, filtration plays a fundamental role in treating polluted water before its release into the environment. Through sophisticated treatment plants, the wastewater is subjected to a filtration process aimed at removing organic and inorganic contaminants. Wastewater filtration is critical to protecting the aquatic environment, preventing water contamination and preserving public health and biodiversity.

Degree of filtration
120 µm
40 m3/h (24/24)
Water source
Acqua impianti depurazione
Waste water
sati per l'ambiente

Inside a purifier in an important city in Northern Italy it is necessary to filter the water in the washing tank, which contains algae and colloidal biological particles.

Removing these particles is essential to avoid clogging of the cleaning nozzles and prevent machine downtime. To guarantee the quality of the washing water in the main tank, SATI has installed a complete filtration system consisting of two Rotor filters operating in parallel, managed by a single control panel.

Rotor filters allow the regeneration of the filter element without interrupting the filtration process and without the use of external water for washing, thus optimizing the consumption of clean water.

This solution prevents clogging of the tank’s washing nozzles, eliminating the need for technical interventions by the operator.

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