In the ceramic industry, water quality is essential to guarantee the production of high quality materials and to maintain the efficiency of the plants. For this reason, SATI filtration systems with self-cleaning cartridge filters represent an innovative and highly effective solution for the specific needs of the ceramic sector. These systems integrate advanced technologies to ensure optimal filtration of the water used in ceramic production processes, minimizing machine downtime and improving the quality of the final product.

The filtration systems can be completely created upon request by the customer, and are designed and built considering these key points:

  1. Self-Cleaning Cartridge Filters: Self-cleaning cartridge filters are designed to maintain maximum filtration efficiency without the need for manual intervention. These filters remove impurities accumulated during the filtration process. By using an automatic cleaning and regeneration system of the filter elements, constant water quality is guaranteed and system downtime is reduced to a minimum.
  2. SATI Technology: SATI filtration systems are known for their reliability and excellent performance. SATI technology integrates advanced automatic controls and sensors to constantly monitor water flow and pressure, thus optimizing the operation of self-cleaning filters. This ensures effective particle removal and longer component life.
  3. Maximum energy efficiency: SATI filters are designed to guarantee maximum energy efficiency. Thanks to the use of low energy consumption motors and control systems, these systems reduce operating costs and environmental impact, offering excellent sustainability for companies in the ceramic sector.
  4. Adaptability and flexibility: SATI filtration systems are highly adaptable to the different needs and sizes of ceramic systems. Whether for small artisanal productions or large industrial plants, these systems can be tailor-made to ensure optimal filtration based on specific applications and the characteristics of the feed water.
  5. Simplified maintenance: thanks to their innovative design, SATI self-cleaning filters require simplified maintenance. Programmable automatic cleaning cycles minimize preventative maintenance, allowing companies to focus on core production activities without unwanted interruptions.

In summary, SATI filtration systems with self-cleaning filters represent a cutting-edge solution for water filtration needs in the ceramic sector, offering effective removal of impurities, maximum energy efficiency, adaptability and ease of maintenance and reuse of water of process. These systems help improve the quality of the production process and the final product, while ensuring greater sustainability for ceramic companies.

Our Filters

All filters can be customized according to customer needs. Customized filtration systems are also designed.

Case History

In the ceramic sector, water quality is a crucial aspect, which directly influences the production of high-quality materials and the overall efficiency of the plants. Since water is a fundamental element in many phases of the ceramic production process, including the preparation of glazes, the shaping of pastes and the cleaning of equipment, it is essential to ensure that it is free of contaminants that could compromise the quality of the final product.

Water filtration systems are therefore essential to eliminate impurities such as sediments, chemical residues and microbes present in the plant feed water.

Degree of filtration
55 µm
600 m3/h
Treated water
Process water
sati per l'ambiente

One of the main ceramic production companies reuses water for cutting stone slabs and blocks within its factory. In order to optimize production, drastically reducing waste, it was necessary to purify the water using a cartridge with a filtration degree of 55μm, in order to reduce the imperfections of the product, due to microscopic residues present in the water . A filtration system consisting of eight Autojet filters was installed, of which six in work (in operation) and two in stand-by, which refine the quality of the process water.

The system provides water filtration at 55μm, guaranteeing process productivity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Autojet model filters require clean water at 5 bar for the regeneration of the filter cloths; in order to guarantee the least waste of water and chemical agents present in the process, a booster pump has been set up which uses the same water filtered by the filters. The filtration process is controlled by an electrical panel supplied by SATI with Modbus communication system, which allows the filters to be monitored even remotely.

The entire filtration system was created complete with manifolds, control valves, supervision systems, all already pre-wired and assembled at our headquarters, in order to guarantee the plug-&-play system is ready for use. The installed system ensures optimal filtration, resulting in savings in management costs for the customer.

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