Metallurgical sector

Water filtration in the metallurgical sector is a critical aspect, as it must ensure the quality of production processes and protect the surrounding environment. This industry uses large amounts of water in multiple steps of the metal manufacturing and processing process, including cooling, cleaning and transportation.

SATI filters are widely used in this sector to guarantee the quality of the water used. These filters are designed to address the specific challenges of this industry, where water can be contaminated with a range of impurities, including oils, greases, sediments and heavy metals.

In fact, in metallurgical manufacturing processes, it is common for water to contain oils and greases from lubrication and cooling operations. SATI filters are designed to effectively remove these substances, ensuring that the water is clean and free of contaminants before being reused in industrial processes.

Another important role of SATI filtration systems is in the filtration of sediments present in water, which can cause blockages and damage production equipment in the metallurgical sector. SATI filters use advanced technologies to capture and remove sediment, ensuring a constant flow of water and preventing damage to machines and systems.

Furthermore, the recovery of water in the metallurgical sector through the use of SATI filtration systems also represents an important practice to guarantee the efficiency of operations and environmental sustainability. These systems offer advanced solutions for treating process water and allow it to be reused, thus reducing the consumption of water resources and minimizing the environmental impact of metallurgical activities.

The reuse of treated water allows us to reduce dependence on drinking and natural water resources from the aqueduct, contributing to the conservation of water resources and environmental sustainability. Furthermore, by treating and recycling process water, the discharge of waste water into nature is reduced, minimizing pollution of surface and groundwater.

In conclusion, SATI filters are a reliable choice for water filtration in the metallurgical sector, offering solutions tailored to the specific needs of this industrial sector and helping to improve operational efficiency and environmental sustainability in the metallurgical production sector.

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Case History

Water in the metals industry plays a crucial role in the production and processing of metals, but is also subject to environmental and quality risks. Therefore, the adoption of effective water management and treatment solutions is essential to ensure the sustainability of metallurgical operations and the protection of the surrounding environment.

Furthermore, in the metallurgical sector it is essential to adopt wastewater management practices to properly treat and dispose of wastewater, minimizing pollution of surface and groundwater.

Degree of filtration
5 µm
240 m3/h
Treated water
Process water
Industrial Steel
sati per l'ambiente

One of the largest steel producers in Egypt and the Middle East, which produces over 2 million tonnes of steel products per year, uses a considerable amount of water for its production which, once used, is discharged.

The company’s goal was to recover more than 70% of the water normally discharged from the production process. The set objective was achieved thanks to the use of Vortex filters, Rotor filters, sand filters, Big Matic and, finally, an RO system. The objective of the filtration system was to ensure an SST content of less than 5 mg/l starting from an SST content of approximately 50 mg/l.

The waste water from the various users of the system is collected in an equalization tank and subsequently pressurized to feed a battery made up of 3 Vortex filters. The water filtered from the coarse parts then enters a filtration system made up of 3 Rotor filters, with a filtration degree of 50 microns.

The water is then filtered by 6 sand filters. The final microfiltration is carried out by a battery of Big Matic filters, with a filtration degree of 5 microns.

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